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Shaping an enhanced future since 2015

Marut Technologies Singapore, Engineering Consultants company was formed in 2015, initially to provide Design, Engineering and Consultancy services for Marine, oil & gas, and Renewable Energy. We have particular expertise in Offshore Process Platforms, Offshore Living Quarters, FPSO, E-House, Semi-Submersible Drilling Rigs, Navy and DP Vessels, on both Greenfield and Brownfield sites.

Our teams work with clients throughout the whole Engineering process, taking due diligence on Personnel and equipment safety aspects, Design Optimization, Operational & maintenance requirements, weight mitigation and project cost optimization through the design improvements tools, project executions plans. As a growing company Marut Technologies have building success and expanded into new engineering sectors.

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Our Approach

We understand our clients and provide a customized solutions to their engineering problems. Our aim is to make every project successful, exceed high quality standards, ensure personnel and equipment safety, design implementation of operational and maintenance requirements, optimize cost and schedule.

Our approach combines best engineering practices, talented and experienced resources using the latest technologies and software, to provide the client with an excellently engineered solution.

We believe in dynamically manning projects; our engineers can serve autonomously on either small work assignments for a one month, or integrate into larger projects upwards of a year. Our engineers are available on site with the client, or at the Marut office.

Our Story

With over 21 years of experience in the Industry, we believe Engineering services becomes our passion and our trust getting stronger in creating knowledge based data base resources, adopting best and latest engineering practices, while using the latest software's.

“Marut Technologies”, a pool to provide highly skilled professional services for complex engineering projects. Our in-depth knowledge, engineering expertise, familiar with operational and maintenance requirements and functional experience in Industry, make us outstanding. Our integrity reflects is in our actions and relationship is the bonding between our customers and us.

Next Steps...

Prospective clients, please drop us an email with your requirements, we will revert to you as soon as possible.

Registered Office Address : 336 Smith Street, #05-301 New Bridge Centre, Singapore 050336

Email: info@marut-technologies.com